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Hello There!

I'm Indi, and welcome to the Happenings of my Little Burrow in Ottawa, Canada. My home is built on a big love for crafts, creativity, pop culture, collecting fun stuff and oh yes, COFFEE!  I am a peculiar medley of many delights: I love a slice of morbid with a dash of cuteness, here and there. I am a Halloween lover obsessed with Disney Magic and while I continue to wait for the owls to bring me my acceptance letter from Hogwarts, I spend my days addicted to the creative wonders of sewing with felt, crafting with paper and making fun printables. 

This is my safe and happy place where ALL precious souls can visit to explore DIY crafting ideas, learn to hand sew cute felt projects, peek into my thoughts, perhaps be inspired, share in my discoveries of all the cool stuff I love and of course, join me for coffee. I hope you might find something here that catches your attention, sparks creativity or simply entertains you. Please continue to be awesome, support each other through tough times, show empathy and compassion, and include all kind souls of our diverse community along your journey, no matter how they choose to identify themselves. I thank you for your support and for visiting today as I create my way into your world and share with you all the fun

Happenings of my Little Burrow.   

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