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EASY Felt donut


     This is a wonderfully simple sewing project for beginners who have tried a few sewing projects before this and are looking to step it up a notch. This project requires you to know two basic stitches: the blanket stitch (to sew the donut together) and the back stitch (to sew on the icing). Back stitches look straightforwards, but it does take some practice and a trained eye to stitch them straight.  If back stitching is not your thing, this project can look just as enticing using basic blanket stitches to sew everything together. But if you have a good grasp of both types of stitches or you are looking to get some more practice experience, then you will love this simple yet deliciously looking project.  And these donuts are zero calories too. Bonus! 


Print out the free donut pattern PDF and cut out the pattern pieces. Pin the pattern pieces onto felt to cut out the felt pieces as shown below.



  • Donut pattern (free PDF below)

  • ​brown or beige felt (for the donut)

  • felt in your choice of color (for the icing)

  • scissors

  • sewing needle

  • brown/ beige thread (donut)

  • thread in your choice of color (for the icing)

  • batting for stuffing

  • beads for decoration sprinkles (optional)

  • hot glue (optional)


Sewing Level:  EASY

Sew the front and back donut pieces together by using blanket stitches at the center.  


Sew the icing piece to the donut using blanket stitches at the center. 

TIP: Use small dots of hot glue to hold the icing in place before you stitch it in place.  This ensures that it won't move around while stitching. 


Using back stitches, sew the outer end of the icing piece to the donut, making sure that you don't sew the front and back donut pieces together as you back stitch your icing piece.  Sew in decorative beads of your choice for sprinkle details and then blanket stitch the outer edge of the front and back donut pieces together.


Stuff your donut with batting until you are happy with the puffiness and continue your blanket stitches to close.  

TIP: For tips on how to neatly close your stuffed project, refer to the stitching steps shown for our Easy Little Ghost felt sewing project for beginners. 

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