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I'm usually quite content using whatever household scissors I can find in the house for most of my crafting.  But scissors aren't just scissors in the sewing world. It really helps to have good scissors that can cut sharply through your fabric or felt, making it easier and more precise when cutting out pieces of a pattern you might be following.   At the same time, I don't like to spend too much money on scissors, because after all, they're just scissors. But when it comes to cutting fabric and felt, especially when I have smaller details to cut, I'm so happy to have spent some money on nano tip scissors. 

The scissors I'm currently using are the

SINGER 557 4-1/2-Inch Professional Series Detail Nano Tip Scissors available on 


These scissors are razor sharp and cuts through felt so smoothly and effortlessly.  It's a little pair of scissors that does wonders with its sleek pointed nano tip, making fine detailed cuts across felt or fabric very precise and easy. And if you happen to want to undo your work, these scissors are extremely useful for cutting through small stitches.


The SINGER brand has been one of the largest leaders of the sewing industry for a very long time, since 1851, so I trust that the tools made by this company are well-made.  There are many more detail scissors available in the market that I'd like to eventually try out. But for now, if you're looking for a reliable pair of detail scissors that are reasonably priced and can make your felt crafting experience easier, and one that I've actually worked with, give these SINGER nano tips a go. Happy crafting! 

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