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Gift Tags To Make You Smile This Holiday 2020 Season

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

I absolutely enjoy the gift giving season because I get to package up the goodies and wrap them up with string, ribbons and tags. Gift wrapping is kind of like a craft activity in itself and the creative possibilities are endless. This holiday season feels a little different though. Even though I have so many things to be grateful for, I can't ignore the fact that this year has been a real challenge for many people across the globe. Upon one of my holiday shopping outings in search of pretty wrapping paper and cute Christmas finds, I couldn't help but sneer at those generic holiday greeting cards that we often find at our neighbourhood stores. Telling someone "Happy Holidays!" or "Have Yourself a Merry Christmas" is a natural saying in our everyday conversations as we reach the holiday season. But THIS time, in 2020, a "Have a Wonderful Christmas" greeting may be a little hard to swallow for someone who might have had a really crappy year or who could be going through some really tough time right now. I like to stay optimistic and provide positive encouragement but sometimes, the precept that everything during the holiday season is going to be wonderful, joyous, happy and full of cheer can make some friends throw up on the side. And I get that. Sometimes you just want to vent a little and just tell it like it is, that "This Year Really Sucked!" Oh yeah, it did. I'm not gonna lie! Ha ha.

So to my wonderful crafty Friends who love gift wrapping and who are looking for a reason to smile this season, I give you these 2020 gift tags (PDF download below) that you can print off and add to your gift giving fun. Hopefully it helps to brighten up the day of the person you're giving to this holiday season of this really crappy year, or maybe you hate gift wrapping and you just want to look at it for a few giggles. Happy Printing!

2020 Silly Tags
Download • 52KB

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