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FElt Owl ornamenT


Don't you love owls?  I think they are one of nature's most charming and captivating creatures. This felt owl is a wonderful and straightforward project for an intermediate sewer.  And by adding a string to turn them into ornaments, you can hang these as adorable decorations.


Print out the free PDF owl pattern provided and cut out the pattern pieces. Place the cut out pattern pieces on top of your desired felt colors, pin the patterns in place and cut out your felt pieces.  


Use loop stitches to add extra decorative detail to the chest of your owl. I am not good at stitching freehand so I find it super useful to dot my design with a marker or ink pen to help guide my needle when I'm stitching.  



  • Owl pattern (free PDF below)

  • felt colors of your choice for the body, eyes, beak, wings and chest

  • scissors

  • sewing needle

  • thread in colors of your choice

  • batting for stuffing

  • 2 beads for the eyes

  • string to hang 

  • hot glue (optional)


Sewing Level:  EASY

Blanket stitch the chest piece to the front of the owl body, then blanket stitch the two wing pieces on each side. 


Stitch the two smaller eye circles to the larger eye piece. I used back stitches for this because I like the look of the stitches for the eyes. You're most welcome to use more simpler blanket stitches for the eyes.  It will give the eyes a different look, but the stitching process is a lot easier. 


To turn your owl into an ornament, cut a piece of string (roughly cm in length). Gather the two ends of the string together and tie a knot to form a loop. 

TIP: Hot glue your looped string to the back piece of your owl. This helps to keep the string in place so it won't move as you stitch the front and back owl pieces together.  For more picture details on how to do this gluing step, refer to our Little Ghost project. 


Blanket stitch around your owl from where you started to leave an opening for the batting.

TIP: If you are adding a string to turn your owl into a hanging ornament, it is best to start stitching from the bottom so that your owl can be stuffed from the bottom.  I find this easier because it allows you to blanket stitch your project closed from the bottom instead of at the top where the string is. It can be a big pain to stitch your project closed when the string is in your way.


Stuff your owl with batting until you are happy with the puffiness and continue your blanket stitches to close.  

TIP: For tips on how to neatly close your stuffed project, refer to the stitching steps shown for our Easy Little Ghost felt sewing project for beginners. 

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