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     I like sunny days but when I wake up to an overcast, I am fulfilled with much joy and a settling peace. There's something about the gloom of a dark sky that brings me comfort and calm. It's quite strange, I know. My 8 year old daughter dislikes cloudy days. She says it makes her feel tired and sad and she prefers to see a happy, sunny day.  "You're weird Mama," she often says, "But I love you anyway." Does my love for dark days explain my love for the fall season and my obsession for Halloween? Honestly I'm not sure why. Perhaps I associate an overcast with the need to slow down the pace - like how a dim, flickering incandescent light bulb is the signal that the filament is burning out and the bulb needs to be replaced by a new one. Maybe it's a signal for my mind and body to recharge? Or perhaps the coolness brought about by the absence of the sun's heat triggers my brain to seek comfort in the warmth of a mug holding a hot, dark roast coffee. 

   My coffee moment today is with the leader of the Knights of Ren, champion of the First Order. I'm enjoying a dark and bitter coffee paired with dark chocolate. All my great coffee moments are paired with something sweet. The palette must be balanced, like the balancing of The Force to hold together the forces of the universe, thus preventing disruption and chaos. If Kylo was my friend, I'd show him how to slow down the pace a little, calm down the inner and outer rage, relax and enjoy a cup of a soothing dark roast. He's a sith with a sour heart, so let's lower the acidity on that too.  Be super chill bro and let go of your anger. Let's step into the calm corner of the dark side for a moment and savor this decadence.  

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   A bold, bitter dark roast is my favourite kind of blend. I don't like sugar in it; just a small dash of cream.  I have two coffee machines.  The first one is a Nespresso VirtuoLine.  It's an older machine that I received a few years ago as a gift from my parents, and I must say, the esthetic on this one complements the dark warrior's outfit quite well. I can envision this leader of the First Order having one of these handsome machines in his office. If those Troopers can keep on top of the replenishment of Ren's pods, they can ensure for themselves a less toxic work environment. I've tried almost every Nespresso pod out there, but in the end, I keep going back to the Intenso for it's dense and dark notes.  This pod brings to my cup, a blend of Guatemalan Robusta and Latin American Arabica. And with it's bold flavour and low acidity, this one is up there in my list of top favourite coffee blends.

   The other machine I have is an unattractive BUNN machine that my father didn't want because he upgraded to a better one.  I didn't take a photo of it, because it's a rather unappealing, white plastic box, unworthy of the photo spotlight LOL! I took this machine from my father because a) it's a free coffee machine - like who refuses a fine working, free coffee machine? And  b) I still needed a regular coffee machine to brew some of the finest blends out there.  This BUNN coffee machine has served me well, and it can make over 6 cups of coffee at a time, making it a great coffee companion for hosting parties. With the Nespresso machines, you are limited to just the pods that they sell, and it serves one great cup at a time.  


   So there you have it - a little insight to my love for coffee. I am excited to publish my website today, and I foresee myself sharing many more coffee moments with you.  If you have read this far, I thank you so much for joining me.  Enjoy your coffee today and May A Good Roast Be With You.

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