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EASY PAPER maki sushi rolls

sushi cover.jpg


  • empty toilet rolls

  • green craft paint

  • paint brushes

  • various beads of different shapes, sizes and colours (make sure your little ones are old enough to know not to eat beads)

  • tissue

  • scissors

My girls had fun pretending to be sushi chefs during the first few days of our city's lockdown earlier this March, using stuff we had around the house: toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, paper shredding, green paint and beads. This is a perfect craft for imaginative play as long as your kiddos are old enough to know that they shouldn't put small objects in their mouth which can lead to a choking hazard! For older kids who have passed this curious stage, gather as many materials around the house to add to this sushi creation fun! We used paper shredding to fatten up the tissue that we used as rice, but you don't have to.  Extra layers of tissue works well, or you can even use paper towels.  Just use whatever works. Colourful LEGO pieces are great for cucumber or egg ingredients. You can even roll up some felt to make a variety of the different ingredients found in a delicious bite of maki. Have fun with this and design your own sushi plate. The creative combinations are endless! 


Cut across the empty toilet roll to create smaller rolls.  Once painted, these little rolls will become your seaweed wrap.


Fill up tissue with paper shreddings or roll up more layers of tissue to create the rice centre of each maki roll. 


Fill up the centre of the "rice" with colourful beads or other creative craft accents. You can use anything that you may find from LEGO pieces, to macaroni to cereal. The creative options for the different ingredients found in the maki rolls are quite endless!

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