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Every Halloween obsessed home should have a Halloween tree. We love to craft different ornaments for our tree each year. I'm a big fan of easy peasy crafts for the kids - the kind where you can just dump a bunch of simple craft supplies on the table and the kids (as long as they are old enough to not eat glitter and glue anymore) can just sit there and do their making while you get dinner going - hee hee!  Our glitter pumpkins ornaments are so easy, we invite all kids to have fun with these to kick off the haunting season.

Most of our supplies were picked up from our local dollar store and craft store. Refer to our Project Checklist for more details of what you'll need. 

glitter pumpkin supplies.jpg


  • styrofoam balls (purchased from our local dollar value store)

  • pipe cleaners (any colour - we love black)

  • glitter (orange for pumpkins, or any Halloween colour of your choice) 

  • brushes (to brush on glue)

  • pencil

  • scissors

  • felt or colored paper for details (we cut out the eyes and mouth for our pumpkins out of black felt)

  • hot glue (optional, for fast adhesion of the pipecleaner to the foam ball) 


Push a hole into the styrofoam ball with a sharp point like a pencil. 


Cut the pipe cleaner into smaller pieces (roughly 10 cm or 4 inches for each piece. Bend each cut piece into a loop.  Fill the hole of the styrofoam ball with hot glue (for an instant bond) or with regular craft glue and insert the sharp ends of the looped pipe cleaner into this hole. Hold for a few seconds to glue the pipe cleaner in place (if using hot glue) or let the craft glue dry before moving on to the next step.

glitter pumpkin step4.jpg

While holding onto the pipe cleaner loop, brush craft glue all over the styrofoam ball and sprinkle glitter on top of the glue.  Catch the excess glitter with a bowl placed under your project so that you can reuse this glitter. 

glitter pumpkin step5.jpg

Cut out face details for your pumpkin out of felt or paper and glue on to your glittered styrofoam ball.  And there you go - easy, haunting magic!

glitter pumpkin step6.jpg
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