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vampire jack edit.jpg

I love boxes. I always have a good use for them. They are perfect for earrings or little knick knacks.  On a visit to our local dollar store, close to the end of summer, I was ecstatic to find that the store shelves were starting to fill up with fun Halloween goodies. Some unfinished wooden coffin boxes caught my eye and I had a blast painting these as soon as I reached home.  Being a big fan of all The Nightmare Before Christmas characters, my Vampire Jack Funko was the inspiration for my Jack Coffin.  A craft like this is so easy, and very budget friendly.  All you need is paint in your desired colours, some brushes and if you like to add on finer details to your creation, I would highly recommend using paint pens. My hands are not the steadiest and painting fine details are very difficult with a brush. 

Coffin Supplies.jpg


  • small unfinished wooden coffin (found at your local dollar store during haunting season)

  • craft paint in black and white

  • paint brushes

  • paint pens

  • small screw driver (to remove the hinges and locking clasps that come with the box)

  • felt to line the inside of the box (I used red)

  • black felt for Jack's bow tie

  • Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer (I like to use gloss)


Before painting your coffin, remove the front clasp and the inside hinges. This makes the painting experience so much easier, and your finished coffin will look neat and clean. 

Unscrew Front.jpg
Unscrew Middle.jpg

To paint on Jack's suit, draw an outline of the lapel in pencil and begin by painting the middle chest piece white. Paint all the white parts first with a brush (the chest and Jack's head) and then paint around it in black.

Tuxedo Sketch.jpg

After all of the brush painting is complete and the paint is dry, you can then use a white paint pen to draw in the fine stripes of Jacks suit, and black paint pens to draw paint in Jack's eyes, nose and mouth.  Finally, once all of the paint is dry, go over the entire box with a single layer of Mod Podge. I like to use Glossy Mod Podge to give the finished box a smoother feel to it.

Coffin View.jpg

The final details of this fun craft project requires some felt.

JACK'S BOW TIE: I cut out Jack's bow tie out of black felt and used chain stitches for the white lines of the tie.  The little cat in the middle was also cut out of felt, and I used a small dab of paint for the white eyes. I used hot glue to fix the bow onto my finished painted coffin.

LINE THE INSIDE: It is so worth it to spend that extra little time to line the inside of the coffin box with some felt, to completely finish it. I love the dramatic look of the red felt that lines the inside of this box, but really, you can use whatever color you like.  Start by cutting out a piece of felt that will fit the bottom first, then line the sides.  I used the Mod Podge glue I had readily available for gluing my felt, but any good quality craft glue will work well.   

vampire jack in coffin.jpg

For the final step, screw the hinges and the front locking clasp back on, and enjoy your spooktacular coffin, perfect for display in your crypt.

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