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FelT Spacecraft Ornament

spacecraft cover 1.jpg

     If you were to view the orbits of the planets of our solar system to scale, you'll discover that we are just a tiny little dot of a planet, alone in a vast dark space of the universe.  This realization makes me love all the things about science, history, discovery and space exploration. 

     My little spacecraft ornament was inspired by the Dragon that was built by SpaceX and brought NASA's astronauts to the ISS on May 30th, marking the first time in history that a commercial spacecraft carried humans to space. If you're an intermediate sewer and a space nerd, you'll have a "blast" with this little project.       


Print out the free spacecraft pattern provided and cut out the pattern pieces. Place the cut out pattern pieces on top of the designated felt colors, pin the patterns in place and cut out your felt pieces as shown below.  Use the PDF guide provided to help you with placement of the pattern pieces.



  • Spacecraft pattern (PDF below)

  • ​white felt

  • grey felt

  • black felt

  • scissors

  • sewing needle

  • white thread

  • grey or black thread

  • batting for stuffing

  • hot glue (optional)

FREE PDF Pattern

and sewing Guide


rocket step2.jpg

Stuff your spacecraft with batting until you are happy with the puffiness and continue your blanket stitches to close.  

TIP: For tips on how to neatly close your stuffed project, refer to the stitching steps shown for our Easy Little Ghost felt sewing project for beginners. 

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