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Toilet roll VADER

Make May the 4th extra special with a go


  • 1 empty toilet roll

  • 1 paper cup 

  • black craft paint

  • paint brushes

  • craft glue (I like to use a hot glue gun for instant bond)

  • scissors

  • black paper or card stock

  • paint pens in any desired colour (I love using extra fine tip pens by Artistro.  The paint quality is excellent and the colours are vibrant.  Paint pens allow you to draw in fine details on your little milk cartons like cute faces.  It's fun to use and the bonus part: less mess!)


SO cool to meet you!

I'm Indi and I'm a whimsical mix of a lot of things. I'm a spooky mom, a nerd of many fandoms, I'm addicted to craft supplies and the secret ingredient to all the spells that keep me going is coffee.  I love all things fun and magical and I want to bring all that magic fun your way.



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    Bring the Dark Side vibes to your creative happenings on May the Fourth with this fun toilet roll craft! Behold the legendary Sith Lord Vader spawned from a paper cup and a toilet roll!  


Cut your paper cup as shown below. The bottom half will end up as Vader's head and the top part, his helmet. 


Paint all the cut out pieces of the paper cup (head and helmet) and a an empty toilet roll, black. Let the paint dry before moving on the next steps.

Artistro Fine Tips.png



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Cut out a piece of black paper or card stock and draw Vader's face details using a white paint pen. This part is optional because you can actually paint the face details directly onto the painted head.  I chose to draw my details onto a separate piece of card stock because my kids' paint job was not the smoothest LOL, making it a challenge to paint on smooth details of the Dark Lords face. You can definitely let the kids design their own Vader face details.  In the end, this project is meant to be kid friendly and fun, so there really is no need to make it perfect.


For the chest plate, cut out a square piece from black paper or card stock and use paint pens to draw the rectangle switches in blue, red and silver.


Position and assemble all the painted pieces on top of each other to form your toilet roll sith lord and glue them in place. Glue another piece of black paper to the back of the toilet roll for the cape. Black felt or a black dessert napkin works well as a cape too. 

TIP: I love using hot glue for this part, because you get an instant bond, making it so much easier to assemble all of the pieces together. 

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